The reason why I decided to take IB Economics

August 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

Sure, there were many other choices I could of chosen instead of economics. Until the very end of my sophomore year, I had a very hard time deciding which social-studies class I should take, since I wasn’t interested in majoring in any of the social-studies classes offered in college anyways. As I was irresolute in my choices, for the millionth time, I went to go talk to many of my teachers for advice, and almost all teachers (surprisingly) suggested me to take economics. Not because it is the perfect timing to learn about the economy due to the economic turndown, I was told that IB Economics out of all other subjects in CA have the most number of 7s and 6s in the IB exams; and that economics is intertwined with almost all aspects of study and taking economics won’t hurt.

In fact, it was true how CA has the most number of 7s and 6s. When my teacher told me this fact at first, it was hard for me to believe! Why, because I thought economics is a very challenging subject—especially because no economist predicted and warned about the economic recession! However, when I checked the IB DP results on the intranet to make sure if she was actually telling me the truth, she was right. Out of 16 students who took the IB Economics exam in CA, 10 people ended up with a 6 or a 7. To add, the IB Economics exam had the most number or 7s out of all other IB subjects. That is when I thought economics must be the most understandable subject for most of us, since it inquires a lot of common sense.

“No matter what major you choose, economics is definitely a must-learn”, that was what I was told by almost all of my teachers. By taking economics, it’ll be useful when dealing with money (an everyday-thing), finance, and our global market. As money is an important factor in order to live, learning how to manage it, spend it, and save it, can give me a valuable ‘life-lesson’.

It may seem that economics was not something that I strongly pursue in, but these convincing points in taking economics not only helped me decide on my social-studies subject, but I realized how economics was an vital aspect of life, as we can understand our world a little better.


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