1:1 Computing

September 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

Initial Thoughts

Previously, before the 1:1 laptop program has started, I had many concerns of bringing a computer to school. Since my computer was very new at that time, and that I worked hard all summer enough to buy this computer, I was a bit hesitant to bring my computer to school. I had to worry about what I’ll have to do when it breaks, or when it gets stolen, and this is not only me who was worrying, also my parents. Although High School students can take care of them selves (to some extent), there is always an ‘if’ and it will be too late after an incident happens. In addition, I was concerned if I can cope to the new system. As everybody says, Junior year in High School can be very challenging for most of us, and I thought it’ll be hard to deal with a new system of learning.

Challenges of Distraction

If we are connected to the web, it is fairly obvious that many of us will be tempted to be distracted by Facebook or Youtube. But so far, I haven’t been encountering that problem, probably because I am pretty focused in class, and there is almost no time to go on these sites because there is too much to do! So, in order to overcome the challenges of distraction, classes shouldn’t be dull that makes people go onto other sites not connected to the class.


§ One Response to 1:1 Computing

  • Natsuki's Parents says:

    I still have some concerns of my daughter taking care of her laptop without being stolen or broken, but so far, she has been efficiently finishing her homework; which proved us that Natsuki is mature enough to take care of own valuables. Although it is only the first few of weeks of school, I’m sure she will be used to the new 1:1 Laptop system, and by the end of her High-School career, will be able to prepare herself for College.

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