October 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

What I have learned about Data Response?

From seeing Data response questions on tests and class work, I learned to be able to see  a problem (such as the article) and apply the knowledge applicable for the data responses. Data response questions require a lot of thinking outside the box and also, requires  thinking from a different angle. These DBQs that we have seen throughout the course has helped me to develop these aspects not only in Economics, but also in other subjects as well, such as DBQs in Biology.

End of Quarter Reflection: What I have learnt about myself as a learner

Looking back the whole entire quarter, I have realized I am a very good ‘visual’ learner. Looking at graphs or diagrams help me  to see and understand the bigger picture more effectively than just reading words. The best method for studying tests, for me, is to go through the PowerPoint, and read that a couple of times. Perhaps the first time when I read it may be confusing, but as I increase the number of times reading it, I understand it a lot more.

Another important point about learning is about being on top of things. A nice study habit is more effective than cramming everything the night before the test. In addition, quizzes help me ensure that I have understood the topic well, or I need more practice in the topic. I should be taking in these study habits, and keep applying them not only to crack the IB, but also in future studies.


§ 2 Responses to Reflections

  • Dr Anthony says:

    Natsuki I am very pleased with your progress this semester. You have adopted a number of effective strategies to enhance your learning and know the importance of consistent study.

  • Natsuki's Parents says:

    I’m glad you are adjusting yourself by trying out various study methods. Keep up the good work!

    M Yoshioka, Natsuki’s mother

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