Reflection: Test on Elasticity

December 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

I was pretty much satisfied with my test score even if  I haven’t gave my full potential of effort in preparing for this test .

To me, everything seemed very last minute: The online quizzes, the Triple-A reading, and the outline for the test questions. The online quizzes were done in the last few days before it was due, the Triple-A reading (to be honest,) was just skimming through since I was lacking in time, and the outline was just created by copying and pasting things from the Triple-A. Overall, I was slacking too much and clearly, there is room for more improvement. I could have done better.

Even if I scored very highly on the test, I don’t feel satisfied at all because the amount of effort put into this section was just nothing. It is strange because usually, I would feel more discouraged in striving to work hard for that A when I get a satisfying score knowing that I did not  not put much effort. But this probably indicates how serious I am towards in learning, unlike before, when getting an A was fine with me. I’ve learned to grow as a mind-filled learner, and soon, will be able to put my entire efforts in everything I do.


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