Apple’s new vogue on the wave?

January 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

So Apple has done it again: iPads were unveiled on January 28th 2010, predicting that it will be the next vogue of the year. From iPods to iTouch, iPhones to iPads; I had an impression that the new revolutionary product  was all of Apple’s hits combined, with other newly added applications. Unexpectedly, this was not the biggest surprise. According to TIMES, when Steve Jobs pulled the black cloth to reveal the new product “there was no surprise” (Times, 2010). The computer-pundits already predicted about the iPads, and there was no “oohs or aahs”. However, I just think that the expectations were just too high.

The iPhone, where many other rival companies tried to challenge seems to be outdated with the iPads. Take Google’s Nexus Smartphone for example, which came out on January 5th 2010. It has “come closer than any competing product to approximating the magic of the iPhone” (TIME 2010). After a few weeks with the release of Smartphones, the conversations has switched over to Apple’s side, turning down many of the interests with Google’s.

I see many critics going against the necessity of iPadsーhow they aren’t needed, or how they don’t seem to make any sense of combining the past Apple hit-products together into one. However, when the iPods first released, many of us argued that they weren’t a necessity either. Therefore, in the near future, we can hope that iPads can possibly be the new vogue of the year!

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