Reflection: Seminar

March 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today, we had a seminar of whether capitalism will ensure the public good. Honestly,I think it was unnecessary to have the practice seminar, and we should have had the real seminar on that day, when it was a 80-minute class. I think today’s seminar was mainly focussed on bits and pieces of which somewhat attempted to contribute in answering the prompt, “Is capitalism so deeply flawed that all attempts to ensure the public good are doomed to failure?”. It is a bit disappointing where we didn’t have enough time to come to a conclusion, is it or is it not;  I thought it was unfair for all of us to end the seminar with gender equalities when we should have wrapped it up with a fair conclusion.

In terms of my performance, I think I did alright conveying my ideas, but lack in thinking of my fellow classmates. I regret (like, a lot!) for being too excited about the heated discussion and kept blabbing throughout the entire time, and not letting others to have a chance to speak. I remember Bobby wanted to say something, when he said so in the given break time, but in the end, he didn’t have a chance to speak about it. All I speak of, is just the feeling of contriteness. Probably a positive thing I did was that I prepared some questions for the group to answer, and also the fact I incorporated many examples from the news. I thought of questions or doubts while reading the given articlesーstarting from a simple, “What do you mean by …?” or “Can you clarify what you mean by …?”. Having that as my starting point, I was able to expand and develop my question into another heated discussion, which intertwines (or at times, getting back) with the prompt.

In future opportunities, I have to encourage myself to be less-emotional, and be able to invite others to the discussion. I think I revealed too much of my emotions, which may possibly could have hurt other people’s feelings. I should be able to be more understanding and recognize a variety of ideas are put into this seminar. Overall, it was a day full of great experiences!


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