Reflection on the Market Failure Test : Test failure?

March 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

In this test, I did very poorly and I am not satisfied with my score, regarding the amount of effort I put in to prepare. As this test was 30 percent of our grade, sadly, my grade dropped drastically. Actually, it is really weird because in the last few tests, I did not study more than an hour and scored really high, but in this one, It went the exact opposite! This tells me that economics is not only about the amount of time you’ve spent, but more of the amount of understanding you’ve got. It is hard to measure, but next time, I would like to somehow test myself and really use well the pre-tests given during class.

In addition, I thought the quality of what I wrote was not sufficient enough to fulfill the marking-scheme requirements. This also ties into with what I have mentioned earlier, but I see this as the lacking amount of experience and familiarity you have with the type of  problems. To be honest, I just did the practice-questions as homework and not thinking about the benefits it may have had. I did not put much thought in it; I was using the graphs and exact definitions from the powerpoint slides, which did not come out of my personal ability. Moreover, even if I wrote down the answers and the required answers and such from class, I confess, I did not take the time to look it over again.

From next time, I should be more serious about studying for the test, because I think that was the main problem I had. I need motivate myself to study and encourage myself to do my best.


§ One Response to Reflection on the Market Failure Test : Test failure?

  • Dr Anthony says:

    Natsuki do not be too hard on yourself — you are still not yet halfway through the course. You are right in saying it is all about understanding and putting your efforts into this. I am sure you will do better next time.

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