Tradeoffs Regarding the Cape Wind

April 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Even the sound of “power-winds” energy suppliers seem good to the environment and the economy because it will bring good to the welfare. But is it always so? In this article I found about Cape Windーan offshore wind farm in Massachusettsー argues that there are criticisms regarding this plan.

The offshore wind farm, with 130 windmills that covers about 240 sq. miles of space, supplies nearly 183 megawatts of electricity needs for Cape Cod and various islands in the area. “Opponents claim that the turbines will spoil Cape Cod’s sea views and disrupt submerged Indian burial grounds, and that, at $1 billion for the whole project, they aren’t worth the cost” (Wagner, 2010).

Thus, there are tradeoffs regarding this idea. With that amount of money, a more efficient and price-savy energy supplier could have been made instead.

“Salazar ordered modifications to the project to quell some of the criticisms: the number of turbines was once greater, and they were situated closer to land. The somewhat smaller, more-distant installation should reduce the visual impact. But Salazar also pushed back against critics, noting that Nantucket Sound is anything but pristine, with a long history of fishing, boating and industry activity, as well as cell-phone and broadcast towers located around the area. “This will allow us to strike an appropriate and responsible balance,” he said at the press conference in Boston, where he was flanked by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a Cape Wind supporter. “This will be the first of many projects up and down the Atlantic Coast.” ”  (Wagner, 2010).

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§ One Response to Tradeoffs Regarding the Cape Wind

  • Peter Anthony says:

    An interesting article that raises the question of market failure. To improve this post you could have included a diagram showing the positive externality of production to counter the argument that the generators are too expensive.

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