Reflection: President’s Dilemma

May 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I personally think our group was not ready enough to give a presentation, and perhaps one of the reasons could be because I was too dependent on the other group members. Probably half way through the project, I was not 100% focused in, which bit me back when we had to present our economic theories. Although I was not the person presenting, I should have prepared myself more with economic concepts and drilled in with harder questions that may have been asked on Friday.

However, I have to laud myself for being an active speaker when answering questions. In fact, when I was preparing with Dr. Anthony on Friday with the questions, his suggestions helped a lot because basically the same questions appeared at the question-answer session. Despite the last question without a counterpoint (What are you going to do with this economic plan by just throwing money?), I was able to answer most of the questions somewhat  thoroughly.

All in all, things I should keep in mind for next time, is to not be dependent on other group members. On the day of our presentation, we had one of our strong members absent, which screwed us all. Next time, although it is a group project, I can’t rely too much on other group members, and prepare myself so that I can be good on my own.



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