Reflection: Data Response

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I feel that I did not do really bad on this data-response, however, there is still room for improvement. The score I received is something I was not satisfied with, and it merely had to with point reductions on basic areas in Economicsーsuch as supply and demand. I regret that I did not look over my work before handing it in, and by doing this, I could have easily gotten a higher mark. Two things I would like to do to improve on my score is to first, attempt  on practicing ‘simulation’ problems before the test, and second, refer to CRAMPS.

Another note, is to remind myself the scores should not be a burden. These days, I am very score-driven especially because I care about what only goes in the transcript. This has limited me to only put an effort on summative assessments than the formative, because formative assessments do not count towards the grade.  This was a huge mistake I made because an improvement on formative assessments would lead to a stronger response on the summative, and in the end, the final IB exam in May. I figured my senioritis has gotten me and feel lazy than I was last year, yet I have to force myself to put an effort on all assignments to accelerate in this class.


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