Reflecting back on Semester 1

January 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

To be honest, I feel this semester has been enriching but at the same time, I felt unorganized in terms of planning ahead. For almost every assignment we have received, I had a terrible  habit of studying the morning before the actual test. In other words, I was cramming. On the first time I did this, I received a full score on a test so I would repeat this habit each time. Frankly, this study method is the most efficient way of getting an A (temporarily) but  I feel like I haven’t learned anything. As cliche and ‘nerdy’ this sounds, reviewing each night may help than cramming the night before of a test. Of course, this is what I have been told since the day 1 of high-school, and being a senior, I feel quite embarrassed for not being able to do this! Nevertheless, it is merely easy to say but hard to do.

I say this semester was enriching because I was able to reveal a side of me that I did not see. Right before quarter 1 was ending, I received a test score that was surprisingly high that did not match the amount of time I studied for that test. I figured that my teacher miscalculated my score to a higher score than it should be. As I experienced a moment of ethical dilemma, I decided to honestly confess that I did not deserve the grade I received. As expected, I was marked lower because I spoke up to tell the truth. Considering the fact that grades are biased to begin with, and that we have fewer summative assignments this year, I started to question whether the action I took was right or not. Of course, I morally did the right thing, yet I was scared that I would perhaps lose the net gain. At the moment of all this, I regretted of my actions because life doesn’t work like fairy tales, where the ‘good’ character always have a happy-ending. Looking back, I feel I did the right thing, even if I could have had a higher grade in this class. My emotions have driven me to see things from a new perspective. Although this has almost nothing to do with the understanding of economics, I felt it was necessary to mention this; this was the highlight of my semester 1.


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  • Ms. Q says:

    Hi Natsuki! I took three years of bio in HS and crammed for every single one of my tests – except for the IB exams. Mr. Ferguson kept telling us to review after lecture for 20 minutes a day, but I never quite got around to it. He also said that everything in bio is connected, so what we learned as juniors would come up again as seniors. Econ is the same way.

    Personally, the best way to learn in bio or econ, is to make as many connections as possible with the concept you’re studying. Make up stories about cytotoxic t-cells or tariffs. Repetition helps – draw pictures, take notes by hand, take notes of your notes. Use 2-3-4 different colored pens/post-its if you must.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t always a direct, tangible benefit to doing the right thing – but we don’t do the right thing because we want a shiny prize. We speak up because it is the right thing to do, full stop.

    As for being a nerd – once you get to college you’ll find out that everyone is pretty nerdy in their own way. Not a bad thing to have/be a nerdy doctor.


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